Hello, and Thank You for reading this post.

I am a 69 year old retired individual living off social security and a small VA disability. I have tried everything you can imagine over the years to make extra money, only ending up costing myself more than I made.

Today I am building an Internet Business and presence in the Social Media to be proud of. I want to share with you some of my trials, failures, and hopefully my success with this endeavor.

One of the first trials for me was to copy a flyer and mail it to a purchased list of names. The whole program was to mail the sender the flyer claiming to tell them how to make money mailing envelopes, sound familiar? Now I want you to know this was back in the 1970″s after I came home from Vietnam. needless to say I made less than $100 dollars and spent more than that on copies and stamps.

Let me jump back to the more personal part of this post for a minute. I returned from Vietnam in 1971 and still had three months left to serve. Now during that time I dated a girl I had met before going into the Army and low and behold I married her September 1971 and we are still happily married today. We were married on my mothers front yard and I was an excellent event. I see now we were just ahead of our time as this is becoming a trend today.

We raised four boys born in 1973,74,75 and 1977. They gave us six granddaughters one grandson and now one great-granddaughter. Lastly, we also have six dogs that keep us broke trying to feed them almost any way.

Back to my trials, after mailing envelopes, I tried psychical means to generate additional income things like hauling junk and trash, fixing cars, just anything I could think of. Now all this time I held only two jobs for a total of around forty years one in retail and then in wholesale. So I actually usually worked 60 hours plus for someone else!

I must include the Amway, and such membership programs that require you to purchase their products, usually monthly, as part of the membership. You were to try to promote these products to family, friends and anyone you could to get them to join under you. Just like all the stuffing envelopes and tons of other schemes they are all basically pyramid’s and only the top members make any money.

Now I want to talk about making money online as you probably have seen numerous adds offering you want to make money fast, earn six figure income, etc. Well I like the old adage “IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE- IT PROBABLY ISN’T”. Nothing in life is free there is always a cost weather it is labor, time, money there is some price you will pay.

With that out of the way, I want to share some of the programs I have tried. The most current was Solo Build It, Wealthy Affiliates and there were others however these were the most recent until I came across Warlord Marketing. Steven Alvey sent me an email to join a webinar with John Thornhill introducing “Partners To Success”. I am including them as it would not be accurate on my part to exclude them from my post.

I do not want to turn this about me post into a review of the programs themselves. I will write separate reviews and post them on this blog for all to read. My concern is that I have already turned this into a mixture of about me and online marketing.

Truthfully I am still building my business and I will share updates of my progress through my blog site and social media often so please check back regularly.

Thank You, Wayne Miller 1950