Hello again and thank you for joining me today. This post is not really related to anything to do with this blog I just wanted to share this little story with you.

Today started out as usual I got on the computer and started to try to get somewhere with clearing emails. I really did not get the results I was hoping for with the task however. I need to get myself organized and would have been much better off if I had listened to some advice I was given a while back. One of my mentors advised to start a complete list of all the program details and products bought for my business. Needless to say I kept putting it off and now I am so confused on what program goes with what receipt.

After spending all morning and most of the afternoon trying to clarify my purchases and products with very little progress I decided to try to add to my websites. Again this did not turn out to be productive either and I became even more frustrated as the day progressed. My next brilliant idea was to go outside and work in the yard.

Now by this time it was late afternoon and the heat and humidity were just about to max out for the day but no big problem to me as I can take it. I decided to clean up the really tall grass and weeds that ran along the outside portion of my yard so I started the push mower and started cutting.

Everything was going just fine for about ten minutes and then all of a sudden I felt something very familiar to me as I am allergic to them, BEE’S. These bees must have a hive in the ground as I started getting stung by numerous bees even as I ran back to the house. I finally made it inside the back room and realized I was still being stung. Some of the bees had crawled into my clothes so I striped down to my underwear in an attempt to get rid of the rest of them.

This should be the end of the story however it isn’t. The true end is I am suffering from numerous stings but the punch line is [ while I was standing in the backroom in my underwear I got a final sting on my but as an ending from the BEES ]. This ends my day if you get my drift.

Thanks for reading, Wayne Miller

Wayne Millermillerw030@gmail.com

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