Outlining, A Good Start

When it comes to writing articles, many
of us use brainstorming
to come up with article ideas. As nice
as it is to know what to
write about, you also need to know what
to write. There are
times when this can be just as
difficult as deciding what to
write about. One of the ways to solve
this problem is to use an
outline. In fact, an outline is a tool
that can help save you
time and even stress.

Defining The Outline

An outline is defined as a summary of
work. That summary is
usually composed of headings and
subheadings. These heading and
subheadings are often categorized as
individual paragraphs. The
headings and subheadings are used to
give you and idea as to
what you should write for each
paragraph or at least what each
paragraph should be about. In a way, an
outline is like a
written brainstorming session. The only
difference is that you
are taking your brainstorming a step
further, by building off of
the ideas that you originally came up

Time Saving Or Not?

As it was stated above, an outline will
save you time.
Unfortunately, there are many writers
who believe that an
outline will actually cost them time;
in most cases, this isn't
true. An outline can take on average
five minutes to fifteen
minutes to create, but you need to
remember what you are
creating for yourself. Essentially, you
are creating a guide to
follow. Once you have an outline, you
will find yourself just
writing, as you have already come with
the ideas needed to write
an article. This alone will save you a
considerable amount of
time. In fact, with a detailed outline,
you are less likely to
experience writers block, which could
not only cost you time,
but stress as well.

Improving Your Writing?

In addition to saving time and stress,
outlines often help
writers produce better articles. An
outline acts as a guide for
you; therefore, you will find that
using an outline results in
more organized articles. In fact,
article writers who use
outlines are usually able to create
easy to read articles. This
is because when a writer uses an
outline, they often find a way
to make their article paragraphs flow
together, which is
important to many readers. Your
articles are more likely to be
filled with important information, if
and when you use an
outline. Many article writers have
great ideas, but when it
comes time to turn those ideas into an
article, many writers
draw a blank. Having all of your
article ideas or points that
you would like mentioned in your
articles recorded in an outline
is the best way to ensure that nothing
is left out. This is
just another one of the many ways that
outlines help article
writers create better content.

How Should The Outline Look?

When it comes to outlines, one of the
most common questioned as
is “what should an outline look like?”
In all honestly, it
really doesn't matter. As previously
mentioned, most outlines
are composed of heading and
subheadings. A heading is often
used to describe the main point or
topic of each paragraph.
Subheadings are often used to outline
how that paragraph will be
handled; therefore, a summary of the
points covered in the
paragraph will often be outlined in a
subheading. The format
that you use can be a traditional
outline, like what is used in
most college or high school educational
programs, but the
decision is yours to make. In fact, for
the best chance of
success, you are urged to create your
own outline, one that you
feel comfortable making and reading.

Taking The First Step

The first step in creating an outline
is to create yourself a
main point to focus on. This point is
often referred to as a
thesis statement. For instance, if you
are interested in
writing an article on creating your own
gift baskets, your
thesis statement could be “creating
your own low-cost gift
baskets,” or so on. No matter what you
are writing about, your
thesis statement should be the first
thing that you write down.
It is what you, essentially, will be
building off of. Each of
your paragraphs and your outline's
headings and subheadings will
be dependant on your thesis statement,
which, as mentioned
before, will be the main focus point of
your article.

The decision as it if you want to use
an outline or not is yours
to make; however, you are advised to
keep the above mentioned
points in mind. Whether you find
yourself struggling to find
something to write or if you are
unorganized, an outline may be
the solution to your problems.

How And Why Create E-books?

In today's society, the internet is no
longer just used for
shopping or entertainment; it is also
used for learning. Over
the past few years, online eCourses
have rapidly increased in
popularity. What does this mean for
you? This means that if are
an article writer, you can easily build
off of this popularity.
You can do this by making eCourses with
your articles.

Before examining how you can go about
making eCourses with
articles, it is best to quickly
familiarize yourself with
eCourses, namely what they are. Just as
they sound, eCourses
are courses that are offered online.
These courses, which are
often hosted over the internet, enable
internet users to get an
education or familiarize themselves
with something new, often
right from the comfort of their own
homes. Although eCourses
have similar goals, to educate internet
users, those goals are
accomplished in different ways. There
are some individuals who
are considered experts in their field,
such as the field from
working from home. Many experts create
eCourses and distribute
them online for other internet users to
benefit from. eCourses
are also offered by many colleges and
universities as a way to
get an education from home.

How To Create E-Courses

Now that you know exactly what eCourses
are, you can better
understand how you make an eCourse. If
you have never taken or
viewed and eCourse before, you may not
realize that they are
just collections of information, just
like articles. In fact,
that is why making your own eCourse may
be a lot easier that you
had originally anticipated. The way
that you can create your
own eCourse can vary, but many article
writers just take a
collection of articles and combine them
together. Of course, you
will want to combine them in a way in
which they are easy to
read, helpful, and connected. For
instance, if you are
interested in making an eCourse that
focuses on working from
home, you will first want to explain
what working from home is
before outlining various work at home
opportunities, and so

Created, What To Do With It?

Once you have successfully created an
eCourse, your next step
will all depend on your goals. For
instance, is your goal to
make money with your eCourse or is your
goal to generate traffic
for your website? If your goal is to
generate traffic for your
website, you may want to think about
offering your eCourse
materials free of charge. Many
webmaster paste their eCourse
materials on their website, for easy
viewing, but others use it
as email content. If you use your
eCourse material as email
content, you are essentially creating
and distributing a
newsletter. Newsletters are another one
of the many highly
rated and recommend internet marketing
tactics that webmasters

Selling Your E-Courses

If you are not a webmaster, just a
professional article writer,
you may be interested in using your
eCourse to generate sales.
If so, there are a couple of different
approaches that you can
take. For the fastest results, you may
want to consider selling
your eCourse to an individual or
company who can effectively
promote it. This will, in turn,
generate income for both
parties involved. If do have the time
to market and promote
your own eCourse, you may want to
examine selling it on your
own. As it was previously mentioned, a
large number of
webmasters offer similar eCourses free
of charge. Despite this
free competition, you may still be able
to make a substantial
profit from selling your eCourse
material, even if you make it
available for a low price.

Whichever way you decide to use your
material, you are still
advised to make an eCourse with your
articles. After all, what
else would you do with your articles?
Making an eCourse is a
great way to put your old, unused
articles to good use..

What Is eZine?

On the Internet, it is very possible to
make money without selling any product.
One way of doing so is through starting
your own eZine, also known as an
electronic newsletter.

In a nutshell, you send out your eZine
issues on a periodical basis to your
subscribers. The good part is that you
have a flexible choice in automating
the process of sending out your eZine
issues for you or manually sending them
on a periodical basis.

As an eZine publisher, not only can you
easily achieve the benefits a
conventional newsletter publisher
enjoys without having to chop down
several trees in the process, you can
easily and conveniently spread your
marketing influence and expertise to
your base of subscribers from the shoes
of an ordinary individual.

In other words, you do not have to
invest in expensive printing equipment,
brick and mortar business, and hiring
staff just to run your own newsletter
publication, resulting in a lot of
time, money and effort saved.

Basically, all you need to start your
own eZine are an auto responder and
broadcast feature to go with, enabling
you to reach out to your massive
subscribers whom you can regard as your
prospects, too.

Choose Your Topic Well

All in all, if you do not have the
commitments of creating your own
product for sale, then publishing your
own online newsletter can be one of the
wisest decisions you will ever make,
given the benefits of impressive
marketing power and influence it can
offer to you.

When choosing a topic to publish your
eZine on, you must consider some
important success factors that can
determine the flow and goal of your

You are encouraged to write non-time
sensitive contents such as short tips,
mini stories and interviews. Doing so
enables you to create content in
advance so that you can conveniently
dispense to your subscribers at a later

Topic-wise, you will do well to cater
to a starving market that will always
be on demand for the kind of content
you offer. And by this, I mean that you
should zero in onto a demand that has
been, is and will always be there.

Relationships and dating are niches
that have been on Earth long before the
World Wide Web came up, for example.
The food niche will always be there as
long as there are chefs cooking for
anyone with a stomach to fill.

Having said that, you also want to have
a steady stream of products or services
of your own or an affiliate for you can
endorse to your mailing list and make
even more money.

This is also the reason why the
Internet Marketing niche will remain
one of the hottest niches there is, as
products and services are created
almost around the clock. As long as
there Internet Businesses cropping out,
there will always be needs to be

Thank You, Wayne

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