Like brushing your teeth, creating content is something you have to do thoroughly and consistently. The great thing about creating content is that you do get better with practice. Creating content is not the only way that I use to get both traffic and new clients, however, it is one of the main sources.

Because creating content often requires more of us than other business tasks, it makes sense for us to tackle it first because if we put off the hard job until later in the day, were far less likely to do it.

The truth is, creating content is only half the battle and is only part of content marketing. No matter the form or media, creating content is all about people who consume that content. Also, creating content can be a primary strategy behind brand awareness within an industry or marketplace. 


Creating content is a practice that is worth understanding. With that said, producing content is not a simple task, and it can feel like a burden, and unfortunately, one reason many individuals struggle with creating content is a lack of time.

Let’s be honest, creating content can hurt your brain sometimes, and it’s not easy to consistently think of brand new content topics. Many people even think writing and creating content is a waste of time So educating, informing, or entertaining vewiers when creating content is vital in your mix of content, but one often overlooked goal is to provide Inspiration and Value.

Your posts need to be relevant to your niche, as an example, don’t post about dogs if your nice is weight loss. The contents of the article needs to be informative and accurate, nothing is more harmful than non-factual or incorrect inclusions. Research is absolutely necessary even if you are well versed about the topic.

Writting just for the sake of creating content is the strategy that is doomed to failure. Keeping a unique yet valuable angle in mind when creating content can carve out your niche and give your audience a reason to keep coming back. Your main goal is to build a loyal following that know you and your brand!

Writting content often involves the use of templates that you need to complete, with their own set of exact parameters, and the content itself often needs to work across different devices or platforms. You can’t allways stay strictly within any template for some articles so let yourself show your creative side when you feel the need.

Another way to get your viewers involved and build your list of subscribers is to ask for feedback and gest posts. Getting your readers to submit their post to you for review and sharing can prove to be very rewarding for both parties as it goes both ways.

Putting your customers in control of creating content can be a bit scary for a lot of brands, but it also will help you to grow your content offering significantly, develop and strengthen the relationship you have with your users and all that content linking back to your brand can increase your SEO considerably as well. But creating content can provide a significant boost to your clients, too


Since creating content usually takes a lot of time and incurs a considerable cost in your marketing budget, a common practice done these days is to repurpose content.

One way many people are doing this is through the use of spinners. Just like everything else these days, there are a ton of different options to purchase these plug-ins, an I will link a few below.

What spinners actually do is dependent on which one you choose to use, some have more features than others. The main thing they do is replace common words used in the original article with different words, making a more unique version. Some spinners can change sentences and replace words to make the article even more unique to gain better rankings.

From social media posts to email campaigns to blogs on your website, creating content is an integral part of any marketing strategy. But part of my resistance to creating content is that it takes a chunk out of my limited energy resources, and there’s not always a sense of reciprocity. No matter the form or media, creating content is all about people who consume that content. Retain viewership by creating posts and articles often. The act of creating content usually requires research and introspection. 

However, with so many different areas to explore, and tons of content already out there, the process of creating content can get quite overwhelming. Creating content can be tough, especially when trying to fill out a year worth of blog posts and articles. Because while you’ll always need to put in the work, creating content can be a lot of fun — or at the very least, immensely rewarding — if you stop making excuses.


I want to introduce you to another way to create content in less time freeing you to complete other essential aspects of your business.

How Much Time Creating Content can you Save with this Tool? Any time and energy you previously spent creating content can now use for other awesome things that go into keeping your business running. I found that for a lot of companies (especially small businesses and solo entrepreneurs), the process of creating content can be overwhelming. If you wish to finally find a way to create your copy and save time and money, do yourself a favor and check the link provided.

This review of Killer Content is an unbiased opinion, but it may not sound that way.

Socrates (the creator of the system) has turned fantasy into a reality. Every one of those “I wished this program would” obstacles you have faced in the past are definitely in the past now.

If you are doing anything Internet-related from marketing a product to marketing yourself, Killer Content is what you need.

You click on the “Site Manager” icon on the Dashboard and add your blog information, so the program knows where to send your “project.”

Now that it knows where things are going, you create a project by selecting the articles related to your blog. They have thousands of materials to choose from, and you can edit, modify, or even spin the post right on the screen. When you are satisfied with the content, you can save it by clicking the “project add” icon. Now you have a project with one post in it.

Select more articles and save them to the same project until you build up a sizable amount of content, and then you are ready to publish.

One incredible feature of the article database is you can search it by keyword. Yes, you heard that right; you can search thousands of articles by the exact keywords you are using for your blog. That is a feature I will never be able to live without keyword search again.

Now that you have a project, you can do one of two things or both. You can publish it to your blog with the “Auto Poster,” which has so many features it could easily be a product of its own, or you can generate an eBook with each of the articles appearing as a new chapter. 

Create an ebook in pdf format with a click of a button? Killer Content is also something that could be a stand-alone product and something I can no longer live without.

That is it. It took me longer to talk about Killer Content than it did to put about one full month worth of content on my blog.

Thanks For Reading, Wayne

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