Are you interested in video marketing to know how to use video to promote your business? Video marketing, as we know, is taking content marketing by storm, and you don’t want to get left behind!

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Marketing your video means that you are focusing your marketing efforts on videos. Your efforts to market a video which you have produced will directly reflect your effectiveness. Generally, marketing without video deals more with an existing customer, which you already had established a relationship while marketing a video tries to reach out to new customers.

The content in marketing a video tends to be more entertaining while more explanatory. Your video must be attention-grabbing while still informative. You need to describe at least any offer you are pitching and include as much detail to spark interest. You ultimately want them to go to your offer page or sign up for your mailing, whatever you expect to get from your audience.


Your first video might not be as entertaining or amusing and engaging, but keep on trying. You will improve with each one you complete and be able to produce what you required as you gain more experience.

Priority is to be given to content creation as we know content is king. Create great content first, and then add your branding. When you have great content, the audience will be captivated, and the stick with you and watch through the entire video; otherwise, you’ll lose them and any potential sale. Remember to direct your viewers to your website as it is your most valuable asset. Set as you own it, not anyone else.

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Social channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Google can close your account, but once you pay for your hosting fees, and you maintain your website correctly, it belongs to you. Your website is your most important online site, so protect it. Place a single call to action don’t confuse viewers with too many requests by these contact us, subscribe and what have you.

Done, stop that’s it you produce your video, not a second too long or too short your viewer time is precious respect your time as they are taking time off to watch the video. Don’t prolong for the sake of expending time and don’t shortchange by not providing what was stated in either the title or the description of your video.

After creating your video, notify your subscribers to share the video on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, link in google plus, etc. Share the video on video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion.


By now, you have a better understanding of video creation and where to post your video after you have created it. Remember, it’s never too late to use video as part of your marketing plan to promote your business. I saw a survey finding stating that currently, there is still a large percentage of companies harnessing the power of videos, shouldn’t you be jumping onto this video marketing bandwagon sooner rather than later.

Now, if you're looking for help with creating a video, check the links below. I have purchased several of these software programs and will be adding reviews to this site. Please do join my list so I can update you when new articles are posted.

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